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System Fencing, Stalls and Equipment

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Welded Stalls Flex-Fence 5in Flex-Fence 5in+5/16in coated wire Flex-Fence 5in+5/16in coated wire
Welded Stalls 5-1/4" Flex-Fence Flex-Fence - 5-1/4" + 5/16" Coated Stable Comfort Flooring

Tyndall Park Equestrian Services is an authorized dealer for System Fencing, Stalls and Equipment in British Columbia.

Located just outside of Salmon Arm, we are pleased to offer the equine community throughout British Columbia the best in fencing products, horse stalls and a wide variety of accessories and equipment. For more information or to order products, please call Janice Tyndall at 250-833-0100.